If you’re looking for all-embracing program for mechanical engineering, the VariCAD is an excellent choice. Its tiptop system consists of multifunctional tools allowing you hitting the job as unobtrusively as you can only imagine. Getting to the concretes, the VariCAD can boast inter alia 3D modeling, 2D drawing and editing, optional supports of parameters and geometrical constraints, crash tests, 3D assemblies and groups and many, many more. Calculations of 3D objects and 2D sections are also included. Need a mechanical or symbol library? No problem, with the VariCAD you can bank on utter support. The list of features is supplemented by surface development, shells modeling, pipelines and wires, as well as BOM and title blocks. Comprehensiveness of capabilities must enchant. What’s more, the program goes effortlessly with plenty of file formats, with the inclusion of STEP, STL, IGES, DWG and DXF, as well as fully supports Unicode. For the ultimate convenience of the user, the VariCAD is attainable in bulk of popular languages, including English, German, Chinese and even Portuguese or Japanese. Thereupon it can be easily utilized in most of world parts. What also refers to easiness of usage, the program runs on Microsoft (few newest versions, 32- and 64-bit variant) and Linux (also most of versions and both resolution variants).

All the features are available with one package, costing 599 EUR. This thoroughly achievable price makes the program providing much more than one can expect. If someone fells unconvinced, 30-day free trial version is downloadable for everyone to have possibility to try it.

Nice? Sure it is. And this’s why the remark can be done with the statement that the VariCAD nuanced in every way.