Artlantis Studio

Today we present to you  Artlantis Studio 5. It seems to be really flexible and feature-packed program. As most of that programs, it supports 2D and 3D drawings, but also a real-time radiosity preview, viewpoints and well-made inspectors menu. What makes this software so incredible, is its great looks, productivity and ease of use, as Artlantis Studio 5 comes with the multitude of viewpoints that you can organize and save each of them separately. You can see them in either 2D or 3D perspective, depending on your needs. Each viewpoint allows to create different scenario, to fulfill your imagination. Different positions of light source, camera lenses, date, different background and a lot of environmental changes you wish to see in particular scenario. Its productivity is based in unique program function – real-time preview. It’s constantly updated, every time you make any environmental changes, preview is updated instantly. This makes your work much faster and pleasant. It makes all possible with wide range of inspectors parameters. It allows you to make changes on each view separately, with parameters like lights, shaders, heliodons, objects and changing perspectives. As mentioned before – great looks makes this menu a clear and intuitive toolbar. Artlantis 5 comes with over 400 prepared media, that you can use straight away in your project, from chairs, bedroom furniture to trees and cars. Everything for your convenience and fast-paced work! But… but… that’s not all – Artlantis 5 is very connective software, with its possibility of installing external plugins. Abvent developed specific plugins for various software to avoid using a standard exchange file format and losing information. It’s just seems to be flawless software. It’s available on Windows NT family and MacOS operating systems.