12 best android apps

Today we decided to choose for you obligatory set of tools available on the android platform.
Here they are:


Here is a useful software for you. Enables for example calculation of baluster, rafter or insulation. A total of 69 useful calculating tools for architects.


Easy to use and very useful calculator for architects and interior designers. Allows you to calculate area and volume. You can add unit price and get the costs of construction or room finishes.


Free tool using which you can easily design a staircase.

frame calculator

If you’re a civil engineer, an architect or a student looking to design 2D frames, you should try this application. It allows you to add and edit beams, forces and supports, and the result of the calculation is shown almost immediately.


Graphic tools.


Very refined sketchbook on your mobile phone. Provides a full range of features for drawing and painting on the screen. Useful if you quickly want to sketch your ideas.


Collage is an interesting tool from Adobe. With it you can combining moodboards with images and text. The application particularly useful for interior designers.


CAD tools.


This application appears to Archtype again. View, edit and share CAD drawings via your phone or tablet. If you want to know more, check out our previous post about the AutoCAD WS.


Floor Plan Creator lets you create, edit and share floor plans. In BETA version you can use interesting room capture tool, but unfortunately only on devices with a gyroscope. After payment of the fee it is possible to export the DXF file.


“Design Dimensions” is large database through which you can quickly see the typical dimensions of furniture and other items. Useful for interior designers or contractors and builders.


Measure tools.


Paid, but useful set of tools to help you measure the distance, angle and other characteristics.
Due to the accuracy of the measurements is recommended for professional projects using traditional tools.


Other apps.


If you love travelling we have for you an ideal application. Now, you can find each architectural gem in a foreign city. All you need is mobile phone with Android. You have here a base with the most important buildings, near 40.000 objects. Each object has informations package: photos, comments, video. The creators of application are architects, we think it’s the best recommendation for you.


The aplication for those who like to explore and share good design. Dwell offers a fresh set of photos, videos and stories for fans of modern architecture & design.


And what are your favorite apps?