Autodesk Revit

Autodesk Revit  is tool for architects with a wide range of applications. With Revit you can forget about boring drawing, and focus on architectural design. Revit can be used in many industries, but is most effective in  architecture, interior design, landscape and engineering or buildings inventory.
You can easy create or insert objects in 3D enviroment, and Revit will do the rest of job – sections, or elevations.
Every time when you edit dimensions or material of objects like doors, it changes  whole project including sections or visualization.
With this program, you can check total cost of your project, work with other people and get view on whole project with quick revision control.
You can place building in the same model before and after changes, and compare versions. Finally, thanks to DirectX support, you can use real time view, and see how looks textures on your walls. With huge furnitures collection, Revit is excellent tool to work with interior desingn.